Safe Deposit Lockers

  • Your valuables are kept in a safe and secure environment
  • Unlimited free access to your locker at your convenience during branch opening hours
  • Lockers are available in different sizes in different locations to cater for your needs

Promotional Safe Deposit Locker Offer

From 1st October 2018 to 30th June 2019, SBI UK is offering promotional annual locker fees at Southall, Manchester, Leicester and Ilford branches.

Small Lockers: £100 per annum, with minimum balance requirement of £500

Medium Lockers: £150 per annum, with minimum balance requirement of £500

Prices inclusive of VAT.

Please note the promotional price applies to first and second year. After the second year, the promotional price will cease and the standard charge will apply. Discounted prices apply only to small and medium lockers. Existing locker customers will continue to pay at their current rates during the term of their locker agreement. Offer is open to existing customers without locker services, and new customers meeting minimum balance requirements.

Terms and conditions apply.

  • Duration of the promotion: 01st Oct 18 – 30th June 19 or till the availability of lockers at the respective branches, whichever is earlier
  • Discount pricing is available to new as well as existing customers without locker services.
  • The promotion offer is only for Southall, Leicester, Manchester and Ilford branches
  • The Locker agreement has to be provided to the customer in advance and explained to the customer. The Pricing, Terms and Conditions of the Locker facility have to be clearly explained to the customer.

SBI UK safe deposit locker annual fees are paid in advance. Subsequent payments shall also be payable yearly in advance. A standing order must be setup from customer’s SBI UK account for the hire and the agreement will be rolled over for the next one year, unless cancelled by the customer.

These are the rates for the non-promotional period

Size Measurements Cost
Small 100mm x 125mm £100+ VAT
Medium 75mm x 225mm £165+ VAT
Large 100mm x 250mm £200+ VAT

These are indicative measurements (Height x Width), the exact measurements will be provided by our branch staff. The list only displays the available lockers at our branches.

Terms & Conditions

  • Must be 18 years of age with sufficient proof of identity and address, check what documents are acceptable to use for the opening of an account.
  • Must be a customer of SBI UK, If you don’t already have a savings account or current account with us, we’ll automatically open one for you. Please speak with your local branch for full terms and conditions on hiring an SBI UK safe deposit, including minimum balance requirements.
  • The Bank will require two passport size photos from the Hirer/s for security and identification purposes.
  • SBI UK safe deposit locker annual fees are paid in advance. Subsequent payments shall also be payable yearly in advance. A standing Order must to be setup from customer’s SBI UK account for the hire and the agreement will be rolled over for the next one year, unless canceled by the customer.
Items for storage
  • Please note there are items restricted for storage in the safe deposit box. All items must belong to the customer. These items must not be unlawful, or likely to become a danger, a nuisance, or a source of annoyance to the Bank, or any other user/s of the Bank’s safes. For reference, customers must not keep proceeds from the illegal activity / crime, chemicals/drugs, arms & ammunition, restricted items or any other item which may cause any harm to any individual or premises (without limitation) or the Safe Locker. The Bank reserves the right to inspect the contents of any package or box without prior consent/notification which is deposited or about to be deposited in the safe, and the customer is obligated to compensate any cost / expense due to harm, damage or loss to the Bank if this breached.
  • Items must be fully insured before storage in the Bank’s safe deposit lockers. Safe deposit lockers must not be considered as an alternative to insuring valuables.
  • The customer shall hold two keys for the safe deposit box, and the Bank shall hold the master key. In case of loss of keys, the customer must notify the Bank immediately and cover any cost for key replacement.
  • If the key/s is lost, the locks will be replaced and the customer will shoulder the expense for the replacement
  • Access to the safe deposit locker is available only during the usual business hours of the branch and other times as the Bank may from time to time prescribe. Access will only be granted to the customer. If the locker is held jointly, the safe may be accessed by either one of the account holders unless indicated otherwise in writing.

To view the full locker hire agreement, please click here

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