If you are paying in cash, you are required to present the following:
  1. One identification document which can be either a valid passport or a full UK driver's licence with photo identification.
  2. One proof of address which can be either a utility bill or a bank statement not less than 3 months old.
  3. A proof of withdrawal from your bank if you are remitting more than £3000.
Please request your bank / branch to use CHAPS for remittances, for which you need to provide the information below to your bank. This information should also appear in the CHAPS message sent to us by your Bank to enable us to process your request.
  1. Name of beneficiary :
  2. Beneficiary account number :
  3. Name of the bank :
  4. Branch name :
  5. IFSC code / SWIFT code :
  6. Currency in which remittance is to be done : ( USD/ GBP/ INR )
  7. Purpose of remittances :
The remitter detail message should contain
  1. Name of remitter :
  2. Account number of remitter :
  3. Address of remitter :
  4. Contact number of remitter :
Our account details
Our account no. 00868302
Account name: State Bank of India
Sort code : 600159


Please note that transfers done via UK BACS/FASTER PAYMENT into this account will not be processed. The rate applicable (other than GBP) will be based on the day and time we carry out the remittance, which is dependent upon when we receive your Bank's CHAPS message with complete details. If the message received is incomplete, we may return the funds to your bank. Your remittance will be carried out on the same day if we receive the funds before 3.30 p.m. BST with and not the time you may have requested your bank to initiate the transfer. CHAPS message received after 3.30 p.m. BST will be processed by the following day on the following day's rate.

SBI Online Remittance Savings Account

Free remittances through our SBI Online Remittance Savings Account. Click here to Open Your Account Chutki Mein.

Free remittances through your Instant Access Savings Account or Current Account.


** Online transactions up to £25,000. For larger transactions please contact one of our Branches.
We accept your personal cheque from your own bank account in the UK. All cheques accepted up to 11 a.m. GMT will be accounted for on the same day. Other cheques will be accounted for the next day. Thereafter it takes 5 working days (excluding holidays, Saturdays and Sundays) to clear the cheque. The draft or remittance will be effected on the 5th working day. (clearance day)

Rates prevailing on the clearance day will be considered for making remittance or issuing a draft. This is irrespective of the rate prevailing on the date of submission of the cheque.

The cheque can be sent by post or delivered at our branches. The cheque shall be made payable to


We also require following details to process your request
  1. Name of the person (beneficiary) to whom the amount is payable.
  2. Beneficiary's bank account number.
  3. Name of Bank and Branch where the remittance is to be made.
  4. Purpose of remittance.
In addition, we require the following identification documents if the remittance is more than £9000:
  1. A valid passport or a full UK driver's licence with photo identification.
  2. A utility bill or Bank statement that is less than 3 months old.
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Money Transfer

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There are various payment options to choose from. For further details, see Remittance Methods.

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