Debit Card Facilities

SBI Debit Card

Instant Access Savings Account You may be provided with following additional facilities when opening a SBI Debit Card:

Debit Card

To apply for a SBI Debit card please complete our Debit Card Application Form. With this card, there is no need to carry cash in your wallet. You can withdraw cash and make purchases anytime you wish to with your ATM-cum-Debit card. You can use your debit card to transact for FREE at any of over 20,000 SBI ATMs in India.1

Free cash withdrawals in India and UK*

In the UK
  • Free cash withdrawals from all ATM’s displaying the MasterCard logo1
  • Card available with current account
  • Also available with Instant Access Savings Account (offering an attractive interest rate and free money transfers to India2)
  • Instant access to your UK funds
  • Accepted at over 33 million locations worldwide
In India
  • Free cash withdrawals at over 20,000 SBI ATMs1
  • Attractive exchange rates on Rupee withdrawals
  • Instant access to your UK funds
  • Accepted at over 33 million locations worldwide
For more information, please call 0800 532 532 (Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 6:00pm), or visit your nearest branch.
1Free cash withdrawals from SBI ATMs in India & UK ATMs with MasterCard logo. Charges apply for international transactions.
2Free remittance for account holders who maintain a minimum monthly balance in accordance with the terms and conditions of the account. Otherwise charges apply. Terms and conditions apply.

Accepted in Not Accepted in
Over 40,350* ATMs in the UK Paying at unmanned petrol pump
Over 968,250 merchant locations in the UK Mail Order Transactions
Over 28,000* State Bank group ATMs in India Telephone Transactions
Petrol Stations across the country (counter only) Online transactions IF merchant does not mandate securecode
Online transactions ONLY IF card registered for Mastercard Secure code AND merchant mandates securecode  
35.9 million locations worldwide including 2.1 million ATMs and 0.6 million other locations where cash may be obtained§  
*Data accurate as of September 2012
Out of these about 90-95% are bank owned ATMs and SBI UK card usage is FREE in bank owned ATMs in the UK
§Information obtained from Mastercard 2012 year end SECC filing