General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Effective from 1 March 2012
Terms and Conditions for your Account
  1. Introduction

    These Terms and Conditions contain important information which you should read carefully as they explain our obligations to you and your obligations to us as a customer of State Bank of India.

    The Terms and Conditions are divided into two Parts. The first Part called "General Terms and Conditions" sets out the general terms and conditions which apply to any Account you hold with us. The second Part called "Specific Terms and Conditions" contains Account specific information which relates to particular Accounts which you have with us or services which you use. You will also be provided with "Specific Terms and Conditions" relating to your Account upon opening an Account with us. You should also check our Website for further terms and for our Tariff of Charges, which apply to your dealings with us, as these also form part of our contract with you. You should read all these Terms and Conditions carefully and keep them in a safe place for future reference, as they form a legal contract between you and us.

    We can provide you with additional or up to date copies of these Terms and Conditions (and any other documents which form part of the contract between you and us) upon request. You can also access our up to date Terms and Conditions on our Website.

    We may offer other products from time to time and we will provide details of such products on our Website, including details of any further Specific Terms and Conditions applicable to those products.

Part 1: General Terms and Conditions

  1. Meaning of Words
    1.1 In these Terms and Conditions, a number of words and phrases are printed in bold type because they have a special meaning, which is explained here or in the Specific Terms and Conditions:
    • Account means your State Bank of India account(s) and services taken with us from time to time;
    • Authorised Signatory means the Account holder(s) in case of an individual Account and a designated person or persons who are allowed to operate the Accounts on behalf of a firm or organisation;
    • Banking Hours means the hours the Branch with whom you are dealing is open for business;
    • Base Rate means the base rate set by the Bank of England or any successor authority that takes over responsibility for setting such a rate;
    • BIC or Swift code is an alphanumeric code of 8 or 11 characters used for making international payments through the swift system;
    • Branch(es) means the UK branches of State Bank of India;
    • Cut-off Time means the UK time within which a transaction or a request should be made by you in order to be processed on the same Working Day. Cut-off Time depends on the cut-off time for the particular method of making or receiving payments. Cut-off Time also depends on the currency in which the payment is to be made or received for example Cut-off Time for making a Sterling payment is 1pm, for making a cash payment is 4pm, and for Euro it is 12.00pm. Instructions for payment in US Dollar can be given up to 2.00pm. Also Cut-off Time is different for each of our Branches. You may contact your Account maintaining Branch for information on the Cut-off Time specific to that Branch;
    • FSA means the Financial Services Authority and any successor bodies from time to time;
    • General Terms and Conditions means the general terms and conditions applying to your Account and dealings with us and set out in Part 1 of these Terms and Conditions;
    • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a unique identification number issued by us for a customer Account which has the bank branch identification along with the Account number;
    • Sort Code is a 6 digit identifier code used for making bank to bank payments within the UK;
    • Specific Terms and Conditions means the product specific terms and conditions relating to your Account. These are made available to you at the time of opening an Account, are displayed on our Website, and there are also Specific Terms and Conditions contained in Part 2 of these Terms and Conditions;
    • Tariff of Charges means the Schedule of Charges as amended from time to time in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions and provided to you at the time of opening the Account;
    • Terms and Conditions means this document, consisting of Parts 1 & 2, Specific Terms and Conditions, our Tariff of Charges and our application form;
    • UK means the United Kingdom;
    • Website means our internet presence at and for internet banking and such replacement URLs as we may direct you to from time to time;
    • Working Days means Monday to Friday except public holidays;
    • "we", "us" "our" and "State Bank of India" means State Bank of India registered at Companies House with foreign company registration number FC0004460 and UK established branch number BR000696 registered at 15 King Street, London, EC2V 8EA.
    • "you" and "your" refers to each person who is named as the Account holder and it refers to any company or other business entity which is an Account holder. If there is more than one of you then it refers to all of you individually and jointly. We explain more about what this means for joint Account holders in sections 4 and 19.1 below.
    1.2 Where there is a conflict between the General Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions the Specific Terms and Conditions shall apply.
  2. Opening an Account
    2.1 Accounts can be opened by individuals, partnership firms, companies, charitable organisations, trusts or any other organisations formed within the legal framework.
    2.2 Our application form for the Account for which you are applying will contain the eligibility criteria for opening that Account. You should read the application carefully to ensure that you are eligible. The information contained in the application form, including that filled in by you, forms part of our contract. If you have any queries please contact us on 0800 532 532.
    2.3 If you are an individual, you may be able to register with us to receive interest gross. Otherwise interest will be paid net of income tax at the prescribed rate. Interest on Accounts is subject to deduction of tax at the rate specified by HM Revenue and Customs, unless we have received a completed HM Revenue and Customs Form R85.
    2.4 The agreement between us relating to the Account is made up of these Terms and Conditions and includes any other special conditions (such as interest rates, notice periods and charges) whether on our Website or in paper form. Please see sections 8.2, 8.3 and 17 for details of when we may make changes to these Terms and Conditions or your Account.
  3. Proof of your identity and address
    3.1 When you open an Account with us, we need to obtain sufficient proof of your identity and address to enable us to satisfy our legal obligations and protect you, the public and us against fraud and misuse of the banking system. Please note that in some instances we may need to ask you to send in further information or documents or ask you to visit your local Branch. From time to time we may also need to update the proof of identity and address we hold for you or make any other enquiries necessary.
    3.2 We will not open an Account if you do not satisfy our requirements in relation to establishing your identity under relevant Anti-Money Laundering legislation and in the event that we do refuse under this section 3.2 to open an Account, we will refund any monies received to you without interest or charge, provided that we are permitted to do so under applicable Anti-Money Laundering legislation.
    3.3 You may have more than one Account with us and these Terms and Conditions will apply to each Account unless you are otherwise notified.
  4. Joint Accounts
    4.1 Anyone who is eligible to open an Account with us may be accepted by us to open a joint Account.
    4.2 We are not able to treat the tax status of each of the joint Account holders differently for the purposes of applying interest, so unless you are all eligible to receive interest gross we will pay interest net of tax. For further details please see section 8.7 below.
    4.3 Each joint Account holder is responsible for complying with these Terms and Conditions. If one of you breaks any of the terms of your agreement with us we are able to take action against any or all of you.
    4.4 If we find out that any one of you is declared bankrupt, we may put a hold on the joint Account and refuse to pay out any amount from it until we receive instructions from the Account holder who has not become bankrupt and the person appointed to handle the bankrupt person's assets.
    4.5 We will send statements to each of the Account holders, but you can opt out of receiving more than one statement, in which case we will send the statement relating to your Account to the first named Account holder, unless you otherwise advise us. If you opt out of receiving more than one statement then a notice to the first named Account holder/the one Account holder counts as a notice to all of you.
    4.6 Unless you have previously given us instructions to the contrary, we are entitled to accept the authority of any joint Account holder to give instructions on behalf of all other Account holders relating to the Account until it is cancelled by any such other joint Account holders, or treated by us as cancelled as described in section 15 or by operation of law.
    4.7 If any one of the joint Account holders tells us of a dispute between them, we may treat this as notice of cancellation of the authority of any single joint Account holder. If we do, any further transactions will need the authority of all the joint Account holders.
    4.8 In the event of the death of any joint Account holder, then subject to any rights we or a third party may have, any money in the Account will be at the disposal of the survivor(s).
    4.9 We may make information about a joint Account available to any other joint Account holder by telephone, letter, e-mail or over the internet if you subscribe to internet banking on our Website.
  5. Instructions
    5.1 Any request or instruction should be given in writing signed by the Authorised Signatory. Firms, companies and other organisations should use their letterhead in giving instructions. We do not accept instructions by email or over the telephone.
    5.2 Unless agreed in writing with us personal customers may not issue instructions by fax or as a scanned copy by email or by email.
    5.3 Instructions by fax and/or as a scanned copy by email can only be accepted from corporate customers if we have agreed to this in writing.
    5.4 All instructions given to us should be in English.
  6. Third Party Mandates
    6.1 The Account holder(s) can authorise another person to operate the Account by executing a third party mandate in our standard format. The Account holder(s) will continue to be responsible for the actions or omissions of the mandate holder.
  7. Paying into your Account
    7.1 Once your Account is open, you can make further payments into your Account:
    • by instructing another bank or building society to make an electronic BACS transfer from your account with them to your Account with us;
    • by visiting one of our Branches and depositing a cheque or cash with one of our cashiers;
    • by bank credit across the counter at any UK bank or building society using one of our paying-in slips. These institutions may charge for the service;
    • by standing order through another bank or building society;
    • by post with a paying-in slip or letter to your Account holding Branch. Please do not send cash by post;
    • by CHAPS, an electronic same-day payments system, within the UK; or
    • by international electronic transfer from other countries. Please ask us for details.
    7.2 When you pay cash directly into your Account at one of our Branches, the funds will be credited into your Account on the same Working Day, provided we receive the funds before the Cut-Off Time.
    7.3 Cash is accepted only at our Branch counters and during our Banking Hours subject to satisfactory proof of source of funds. Cash handling charges apply as set out in our Tariff of Charges.
    7.4 When you pay cash or make an electronic transfer into your Account through another bank, the funds will normally be credited to your Account and available to withdraw on the Working Day we receive them provided that we receive the funds before the Cut-Off Time.
    7.5 Paying into your Account may take longer in certain circumstances. Please see section 10.1 for details.
    7.6 Paying in by cheque
    7.6.1 When you pay a cheque into your Account through another bank, the value of the cheque is added to your Account balance on the date we receive the funds, which is normally two Working Days after you have paid it in. When you send a cheque to us by post, the value of the cheque is added to your Account balance on the date we receive it and pay it into your Account. In both cases, they are 'uncleared' funds and not yet available to you for withdrawal. We must first ask the bank of the person who issued the cheque to confirm they will pay us the value (to 'clear' the cheque). If the other bank refuses to pay us its value, the value of the cheque is deducted from your Account as at the date it was added. Please see section 7.7.1 for details on when a cheque drawn in sterling on a UK Bank is cleared. A 'foreign cheque' (by that we mean a cheque issued by a non UK Bank, or in a foreign currency) may take longer to clear.
    7.6.2 If you paid the cheque in at another bank, the funds will be available for withdrawal on the fourth Working Day after they were added to your Account. If you sent the cheque to us by post, the funds will also be available for withdrawal on the fourth Working Day after they were added to your Account.
    7.7 Cleared funds
    7.7.1 The value of the cheque, provided it is not a foreign cheque as described at section 7.6.1 above, will become 'cleared' funds after the end of the fifth Working Day after the Working Day the funds were added to your Account (provided the cheque is deposited before the Cut-off Time on a Working Day). This means that the funds cannot be reclaimed from you as a result of a cheque being returned unpaid after this time. The cheque clearing process is often referred to as the 2-4-6 timescale, as this sets the maximum timescales on when a cheque earns interest, when cheque funds can be withdrawn and when funds from a cheque can no longer be reclaimed. Section 7.7.2 shows an example to help you understand how this works practically:
    7.7.2 For example, if the cheque is paid in on Monday (day 0), then you will start earning interest on Wednesday (day 2) and it will be available for you to withdraw on the Friday (day 4), but you can be certain that the funds will not be reclaimed from your Account as a result of the cheque being returned unpaid if you wait until the end of the following Tuesday (day 6) before withdrawing the cheque funds. Non Working Days are not counted for the purposes of the cheque clearing cycle.
  8. Interest
    8.1 When you have money in your Account, you will be eligible for credit interest. We will work this out on the amount actually in your Account at close of business each Working Day. You start earning interest on your Account from the day that cash funds are added to your Account. For interest on cheques that have not yet cleared, see condition 7.6.3 above. Interest is calculated on a daily basis according to our interest rate schedule available from your local Branch or our website ( We credit interest in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and our interest rate schedule.
    8.2 We may without notice change your interest rate at any time with immediate effect for any of the following reasons:
    • where your Account is linked to an external reference rate (a publically available rate which we do not set, for example, the Bank of England Base Rate), to reflect changes in this reference rate; and/or
    • for any reason if the change benefits you.
    8.3 We will provide you with 2 months' written notice if we change interest rates for any of the following reasons:
    • if there is a change in relevant law, regulation, code of practice or to reflect a recommendation, requirement or decision of any applicable court, ombudsman, regulator or similar body;
    • to reflect changes or expected changes in the costs we pay to others and/or changes in inflation, or the costs of the services or facilities we provide
    • to reflect any change in interest rates charged by other UK competing banks or financial institutions;
    • to reflect any changes in money market interest rates or the cost to us of money we lend;
    • to reflect any reorganisation of our business by it being acquired by or by our acquiring another bank or organisation (so that customers with similar products can be treated in the same way);
    • to ensure we maintain financial strength and the competitiveness of our business generally; and/or
    • to reflect any event beyond our reasonable control.
    8.4 Any change we make to interest rates will be proportionate to the circumstances giving rise to the change. Changes to interest rates will not be made in accordance with conditions 8.2 and 8.3 if we have agreed a fixed rate of interest with you that applies to your Account.
    8.5 If you do not accept the proposed change(s) to your interest rate as set out in section 8.3, you must let us know in writing before the change(s) take effect. You have the right to terminate the contract as a result of changes referred to in section 8.3 without any cost or charge to you. If you wish to change or close your Account due to notice of a reduction in rates, you must notify us within the 2 month period. If you do not notify us, we will consider that you have accepted the change.
    8.6 Information about our current interest rates, for savings and current accounts, is available on our Website, by telephoning us and by asking any member of our staff at any of our Branches. When we change the interest rate on your Account the old rate will also be available to help you compare rates.
    8.7 We will pay you interest after deduction of tax at the applicable rate. If you are eligible and have completed, signed and returned to us the correct form from HM Revenue and Customs then we will pay you interest gross. Please note if you are joint Account holders then we will always pay interest net of tax unless all of you are eligible for interest gross (for which you would each have to provide a form as outlined above).
    8.8 Details of interest chargeable for overdraft Accounts agreed by us will be explained in the facility letter issued to you for such Accounts.
  9. Payments out of your Account
    9.1 You can make payments from your Account as long as there are enough available funds in your Account to cover the payments. We will take into account any other payments which we have paid or agreed to pay from your Account that day, or which have been authorised for that day, such as standing orders and direct debits. When a payment or standing order is due on a day which is not a normal Working Day, we will make the payment on the next Working Day. Please note that we do not offer overdraft facilities or any borrowing facilities on any personal savings Accounts and may refuse to make payments where there are insufficient available funds irrespective of funds you may hold in other Accounts with us. We will charge you a fee - as shown on our Tariff of Charges- if we have to refuse a payment.
    9.2 When you want to make payments from savings Accounts which do not have a cheque facility, you can either speak to one of our cashiers at our Branches or send us a withdrawal form or letter telling us how you would like the payment to be made. We can:
    • transfer funds via Faster Payments Service (for eligible inter-bank payments effective from 01 January 2012) to a specified account (up to a maximum of £100,000) at another UK bank in Sterling, whether single one off payments or standing orders; please ensure that you provide us with your beneficiary's account details each time you want us to make a payment on your behalf. The funds will be taken from your Account on the day we initiate the payment in accordance with your request and will arrive in the beneficiary's account the same Working Day, if the instruction is received before the Cut-off Time by us. We may refuse to send payments to UK banks that do not support this Service and You may use CHAPS for such payments. If You want to transfer above £100,000 (separate limits for transfers via Internet Banking will apply), such transfers can be sent via CHAPS (with applicable fee) or as multiple Faster Payments. Direct debits won’t be affected by Faster Payments.
    • transfer funds by CHAPS, an electronic payments system, to another bank account within the UK; funds are cleared on the same day. Please refer to our Tariff of Charges for our charges for this service.
    • transfer funds to a bank account in another country by international electronic transfer. Please enquire for further details. If you want to make a payment in a currency other than sterling, please contact us and we will advise you how this can be done, the exchange rate we will apply and what our charges will be. The bank receiving the payment may also impose charges that are outside our control.
    9.3 Payment may be made by the Account holder issuing a cheque wherever cheque books are issued by us. Cheques should be issued in the currency of the Account. We may not pay the cheque issued by you if there are insufficient funds in your Account or effecting such payment exceeds the agreed overdraft limit. A cheque issued may not be paid due to other reasons for example if amount in words and figures differs, it is out of date i.e. date on the cheque is more than 6 months prior to the date of presentation, it is post dated, or the Authorised Signatory's signature differs. The cheque may not be paid if there is suspicion of any fraudulent activity.
    9.4 You can request us to stop payment of a cheque provided that you do so before it has been debited to Your Account and we have not told the payee or their bank that the cheque will be paid. Your request to stop a cheque must also be received by our local Branch, before 12 noon on a Working Day in order to be processed on that day. Such request should be in writing mentioning the Account and cheque details and signed by the Authorised Signatory. There is a charge for this service as set out in our Tariff of Charges. You should take care when issuing a cheque to prevent forgery. All our cheques are marked 'A/C Payee' and are payable only through the payees Account. You can request a banker's cheque or draft in your name or a third party by making a written request. Charges as mentioned in our Tariff of Charges will apply for the same.
    9.5 Withdrawals may be allowed by way of direct debits received through clearing where the Account has such facility.
    9.6 Payments can be made by electronic transfer through Swift by providing us with a written request signed by you. You should provide your Account details from which the payment will be made, the beneficiary's name, address and IBAN, correct details of the recipient bank, including the bank's Swift (BIC) address and the purpose of remittance. For payments within the UK, you must provide the account number and Sort Code of the beneficiary's bank. If there are funds in the Account, payments will be made within one Working Day of receiving your instructions.
    9.7 Any payment made by electronic transfer including through Swift will be sent to the beneficiary's bank on the same day. However, the value date on which the beneficiary's account will be credited will depend on the beneficiary's banker. In case of payments requested in currencies other than the currency of the Account, the currency conversion would be done at our prevailing exchange rate applying on the day of the conversion. We publish the indicative exchange rate for rupees on our Website and the exchange rate is published in your Statement of Account.
    9.8 Payments made out of your Account are based on the information provided by you. In case the information provided by you is incorrect we will make reasonable efforts to recover the funds involved in the payment transaction and may charge you for any reasonable costs incurred in recovering your funds.
    9.9 We no longer accept standing orders for outward payments from deposit Accounts.
    9.10 Any outward payment request received after the Cut-Off Time will be considered to have been received on the next Working Day.
    9.11 For security reasons, we may contact you by telephone or by email to seek confirmation of a payment request received through a messenger, by post or by fax.
    9.12 You must notify us of any loss suffered by you on any Account or any unauthorised or incorrectly executed payment transactions as soon as you become aware of them but not later than 13 months from the date of debit in the Account, otherwise we shall not be liable to you. However, this condition shall not apply if we fail to provide you with the information of the payment in line with section 20.1 of these Terms and Conditions.
    9.13 For payments involving currency conversion, the rate we will apply will be the rate on offer on that day. The rate is made available to you at our Branches or over the telephone. If a payment is made involving foreign currency and the payment is returned, we will reconvert the returned payment to the original currency at our prevailing exchange rate and credit your Account. We shall not be liable for any loss in exchange on account of the conversion.
  10. Transaction Processing Time
    10.1 The processing time for payments into and out of your Account may be more than the time set out in sections 7 and 9 due to the following reasons:
    • defective request or insufficient, incomplete or incorrect details in your instructions to us;
    • if your instructions in any way give rise to suspicion in which case the matter would be investigated before any decision is taken regarding application of funds;
    • to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations;
    • order by a competent court;
    • order or stipulation by any other law enforcing body; and/or
    • business disruption on account of natural calamity, riot, war, terrorist activity, industrial action, equipment failure or any such event which is beyond our control.
    10.2 In the above circumstances, we will not be liable for any delay or loss suffered by the Account holders(s), provided that we have acted reasonably, including where lawful notifying you of the refusal or delay in making the payment and the reasons why at the earliest opportunity and, in the event that payment details are incorrect because of an error by you or a third party we will help you investigate.
  11. Right of Set Off
    11.1 We may use any Account/s held by you with us which are in credit to reduce or repay any amount you may owe to us in other Account/s held by you in the same name. In the process we may appropriate fixed deposit/s held by you with us for a certain period along with the interest payable by us. In cases where the credit balances are in a different currency than the balances owed to us, then the currency conversion would be done at our prevailing market rate.
    11.2 If you hold a joint Account, and another Account holder on this Account owes us money in relation to another Account held with us in his/her name, we can exercise our right of set off on the Account you hold jointly with this Account holder.
  12. Cheques you issue
    12.1 If your Account has a cheque facility and you issue a cheque on your Account, it will normally be deducted from your Account two Working Days after the recipient pays it into their Account. For example, a cheque paid in on a Monday will normally be deducted from your Account on a Wednesday. More time may be needed for a cheque paid into a building society account or any bank outside England and Wales, or any account held at a non-clearing bank.
  13. Charges
    13.1 When you open your Account, we will give you details of our Tariff of Charges for the day to day running of your Account. You can also find out about these charges by contacting your Account holding Branch or by looking at our Website.
    13.2 If we increase any of these charges or introduce a new charge, we will give you at least two months' notice before the changes take effect. We will tell you the charge for any other service or product before we provide it to you, and at any time should you request it. Before we deduct charges for standard Account services from your Account, we will give you at least 14 calendar days notice of how much we will deduct.
    13.3 If any sum due and payable by you is not paid on the due date, you will be liable to pay the interest (both after, as well as before, any judgment) on such sum at such a rate or rates as we will provide to you from time to time from the date the payment is due up to the date of payment.
    13.4 Payments from your Account will be made in accordance with the notice period applying to your Account. You choose this notice period when you open your Account. For example, if your Account is on 90 calendar days' notice, you will need to allow 90 calendar days from the day we receive your instructions before we make the payment. You can give notice for a withdrawal by telephone or fax. However, we will only carry out the withdrawal if we have received confirmation of your request in writing (which also notes the date of your original call or fax) before the date you want the payment to be made.
  14. Early Access Charge
    14.1 Where restrictions on access apply to your Savings Account, you may have early access to your savings at short notice (a minimum of one Working Day) but, unless we have agreed otherwise, we will charge you the interest due on the amount withdrawn for the part of your notice period for which you have not given notice. So if you withdraw £500 on 15 calendar days' notice from an Account set up on 90 calendar days' notice, then the interest you would have earned on that £500 for 75 calendar days (i.e. 90 - 15) will be deducted from your Account. However this provision will not apply and you will get a full capital refund if your Account has been opened with us for less than the notice period.
    14.2 If you are a holder of a Fixed Deposit Account where the terms allow premature withdrawals, you may withdraw cash from your Fixed Deposit Account but you will forfeit ¼ of the interest payable (as on the contracted date), for the period the deposit has actually run. (For example, £100,000 deposit for 6 months at 5%, if withdrawn after 3 months will result in a reduced interest rate of 3.75% payable for the 3 months held in the Account.) Please refer to the Specific Terms and Conditions for Fixed Deposit for further details.
    14.3 If you are a holder of a Fixed Deposit, in the event of your death, we will repay the capital value and accrued interest without notice or loss of interest, but only once we receive the necessary legal confirmation of status and authority. Alternatively and only if requested, a fixed deposit may continue until the end of the term. Whereas if you hold a fixed deposit jointly with another person or with other persons, and if one of you should die, the survivor(s) may elect to transfer the Account to their sole name(s) for the remaining term or they may receive the capital value and accrued interest without notice or loss of interest.
    14.4 If you are a holder of a Fixed Deposit, in the event that you are made bankrupt, we will repay the capital value and accrued interest without notice or loss of interest, but only once we receive the necessary legal confirmation of the status and authority. Alternatively and only if requested, the Fixed Deposit may continue until the end of term. The same provisions apply where you hold a Fixed Deposit jointly with another person or with other persons and one party is made bankrupt, although in these circumstances we will require instructions from both the person appointed to deal with the Bankrupt's affairs and the joint Fixed Deposit holder(s).
  15. Closing your Account
    15.1 You may close your Account at any time upon providing us with written notice in accordance with 15.2. Additionally for a period of 30 calendar days after the date you open your Account with us, you have the right to cancel your contract with us by closing your Account. Subject to 13.4, 14.1 and 14.2 above, the funds deposited will be returned to you together with any interest earned except for our Fixed Deposit and Notice Account. No charges will be levied for cancelling the Account within this initial 30 calendar day period from Account opening.
    15.2 Written notice may be provided to us [in person at any of our Branches or sent by post to State Bank of India, 15 King Street, London EC2V 8EA].
    15.3 We may close your Account if you:
    • do not comply with any of your important obligations under these Terms and Conditions and do not put this right within a reasonable time of our requesting you to do so;
    • fail to operate your Account in accordance with an important term in these Terms and Conditions;
    • regularly fail to ensure that there are sufficient cleared funds in your Account to make requested payments;
    • give us false information in relation to your Account;
    • are not entitled to open the Account(s);
    • move abroad and are no longer a UK resident;
    • have been made bankrupt; and/or
    • have behaved inappropriately or improperly towards us or our staff (for example, in a threatening or abusive manner).
    15.3 Subject to your Specific Terms and Conditions, we will pay any balance due, together with interest at the agreed rate, up to and including the date of repayment
    15.4 We will not use this clause 15 to close your Account in the event that you make a valid complaint(s) against us.
    15.5 If your Account is closed for any reason and we make a repayment to you, you will have no further right(s) or interest in the Account.
    15.6 Except for fixed rate bond (Fixed Deposits) Accounts and Accounts with notice periods for withdrawals you may terminate your Account without charge at any time by writing to us.
    15.7 If we close your Account, we will write to you and, unless there are exceptional circumstances including but not limited to unauthorised borrowing, we will give you 60 calendar days' notice of our intention to close your Account(s). We will repay any credit balance to you and we may require you to repay any money owed to us. Please see section 19 on your liability to us and section 11 on our right to set off.
  16. Dormant Accounts
    16.1 We may suspend operation of your Account if you have not made any transactions on that Account for at least 12 months. Before reactivation of a suspended Account, you may be required to provide suitable evidence of your identity and your legal claim on the Account.
    16.2 If you have not made any transactions on your Account for at least 15 years, that Account will be dormant. A dormant Account will be made available to the government under the provisions of the Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Act 2008 as amended or replaced from time to time.
  17. Changes to these terms
    17.1 Save for changes to interest rates (see Interest sections 8.2 and 8.3 above) we may from time to time amend our Terms and Conditions (including our Tariff of Charges, General and Specific Terms and Conditions) if we reasonably believe that the change is needed for any of the following reasons:
    • if the change is favourable to you;
    • to comply with our legal obligations;
    • to add new products by way of new Specific Terms and Conditions;
    • to reflect changes in general banking practice;
    • to reflect regulatory changes;
    • where required to do so, or to reflect a decision or recommendation as the result of any ruling by a competent Court or any other law enforcing body; and/or
    • to reflect changes in costs associated with the relevant technology, the costs we pay to others relating to the Account or services and/or our costs of providing the Account, service or facilities.
    17.2 We will tell you about any changes to these Terms and Conditions and when they come into effect by placing a notice with your statement, on the Website or by email or by post.
    17.3 Subject to Clause 17.5 if we decide to make any change to these Terms and Conditions we will give you two months' notice of the change.
    17.4 If the changes are not to your advantage you may wish to close your Account within 30 calendar days of the date of the notice of the changes without charge. If you reject the proposed changes, we may take this as a rejection of the contract with us and a notice of termination. We will contact you before we close your Account. If we do not hear from you, we will consider that you have accepted the changes we have made to the Terms and Conditions.
    17.5 Unless we have agreed a fixed rate of interest with you that applies to your Account, changes to interest rates may be applied immediately, and without notice where the changes are more favourable to you. We will tell you about any change in interest rates as soon as possible unless we have agreed on a specific frequency or manner in which we notify or make available to you the information.
  18. Our liability to you
    18.1 Subject to clause 18.2 below, if we do not carry out your request or delay doing so or do not carry out your request correctly, we will be liable for any direct loss as a result and the amount of interest that you did not receive from us as a result of our failure or late action or mistake. We will not be responsible to you for any delay, indirect losses or losses that we could not reasonably have expected to foresee or to occur, or which result from the circumstances set out in section 10.1 above, provided that we have acted reasonably.
    18.2 Our responsibility in relation to section 18.1 above is subject to the following:
    18.2.1 We will not be responsible to you for any loss you may suffer if we are prevented from or delayed in providing you with any banking or other services as a result of compliance with laws preventing money laundering, fraud or terrorist financing, industrial action, availability of equipment or supplies, or business disruption on account of natural calamity, riot or terrorism.
    18.3 We will be responsible for unauthorised payments from the Account where:
    • you have informed us without delay of the unauthorised payment;
    • you have not acted fraudulently or been grossly negligent; or
    • the unauthorised payment is not a result of a failure by you to comply with the security obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions and the security recommendations on our Website. This includes (but is not limited to) a failure by you to keep your password, user name and memorable word, or other confidential information about your Account secure.
    18.4 However, where an unauthorised payment has taken place as a result of the use of a lost or stolen payment instrument or you failing to keep personalised features of the payment instrument safe, you will be liable up to a maximum of £50 for any losses incurred.
  19. Your liability to us
    19.1 You are responsible for payment of any debt that arises on your Account. If you have a joint Account, you will each be responsible for any money owing on your Account, both individually and jointly. This means that if one of you is unable to repay the money owing, the other Account holder(s) can be required to pay the amount due in full, even if your relationship has changed or ended. Where a joint Account holder has an Account with us in their sole name, and that Account has a credit balance, we can use money in that Account to repay any money owing to us on the joint Account.
    19.2 If any Accounts you hold with us are in credit, we may use the credit to reduce or repay any amounts you owe on other Accounts you hold with us in the same name. If we decide to do this, we will tell you why and when it will be done.
  20. Statements
    20.1 Statements for all Accounts are issued at least once a year. You can also choose another frequency, for example monthly or quarterly or you can print a statement of Account using your online banking. You can also contact us and request an up to date statement for your Account at any time. We will charge a fee as set out in our Tariff of Charges for supplying you with any duplicate statements.
    20.2 We recommend that you carefully check your Account history regularly. If any entry appears to be wrong, you should tell us as soon as possible.
  21. Internet banking
    21.1 If you have indicated that you would like us to provide internet banking services, the following terms and conditions also apply for those Accounts on which we offer internet banking.
    21.2 This section 21 sets out the rules which apply to your internet access to your Account(s), and explains our obligations to you, and your obligations to us, when operating these Accounts.
    21.3 We offer internet banking facilities to all Account holders. Please log on to and download a registration form for individual Accounts and Corporate Registration form for company/business Accounts. The completed registration form should be sent to the Branch Manager where you have your Account.
    21.4 You will then be sent your User ID, password and transaction password for internet banking. 'Net Banking' enables you to do the following:
    • view your Account on line;
    • transfer funds between Accounts;
    • make payments;
    • pay bills;
    • remittances;
    • order drafts;
    • request cheque books; and
    • deal with other related enquiries.
    21.5 We may add further services from time to time to our 'Net Banking' offering.
    21.6 Use of websites
    21.6.1 You can access your Accounts through the Website after you receive and confirm receipt to us of the User ID and password sent to you by us. You must change the password provided by us at the time of first logging into internet banking on our Website.
    21.6.2 Our internet banking service is available in respect of all the Accounts you hold with us,
    21.6.3 All requests received from you are logged and transmitted to your local Branch for their fulfilment. The requests become effective from the time these are recorded/registered at the respective Branch.
    21.6.4 When using our Websites, the terms of use applicable to the relevant Website will apply.
    21.7 Availability of internet banking services
    21.7.1 We work hard to make sure our internet banking services are available at the times you wish to use them. However, we cannot and do not guarantee their availability, nor that access to, and use of, our Websites will be uninterrupted or error free. From time to time we may need to suspend provision of the internet banking services for repair, maintenance or upgrade purposes.
    21.7.2 We will not, in any event, have any liability to you if we are prevented from, or delayed in, providing any internet banking services due to the failure of any telecommunication link or other equipment or infrastructure not owned or controlled exclusively by us and/or any acts or omissions of third party telecommunications or internet service providers.
    21.8 Instructions
    21.8.1 For the purposes of this section 21 and the web requirements, you agree to provide:
    • written confirmation of your request to make a withdrawal from your Account; and
    • all other instructions in relation to the operation of your Account in writing (unless we have made other specific and documented arrangements), you can comply with these requirements by providing us with the relevant details using your authenticated security details on our Website.
    21.8.2 However, please pay careful attention to the security notice set out in the following section and comply with it.
    21.9 Security notice
    21.9.1 Internet banking is safe and convenient as long as you take a number of simple precautions, including (but not limited to) the following:
    • keep your User ID and password secret. This includes (but is not limited to) destroying any password notification immediately after receipt from us, never writing your password or User ID details in a way that might be understood by someone else or recording them on any item or in any place that might be accessed by someone else and taking all reasonable care to ensure that no-one sees your password or username when you use them;
    • you are advised to avoid choosing a password that is generic in nature, guessable/inferable from personal data such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, driving licence/car number etc;
    • treat e-mails you receive with caution and be very wary of e- mails or calls asking you to reveal any personal security details. We or the police will never contact you to ask you for your internet banking password or User ID information;
    • always access our Website via the site or by typing the address into your web browser. Please ensure that you double check the spelling is correct when typing our address into the browser, before using the Website that you are directed to. We will never send you an e-mail with a link through to our internet banking Website; and
    21.9.2 Visit for more useful information
    21.9.3 There is no way to retrieve the password from the system. In case you forget your password, you will have to approach us to re-set the password.
    21.9.4 Please remember that internet communications are not secure unless the data being sent is encrypted. We cannot accept any responsibility for any unauthorised access by a third party and/or corruption of data being sent to us by e-mail.
    21.9.5 If you are a victim of internet fraud and someone gains unauthorised access to your Account, then we will refund the full amount of money taken from your Account, provided each of the following conditions applies:
    • you have not given your security details (including your password or username details) to anyone else;
    • the loss was not caused by your use of an account aggregation service (i.e. a service provided by another company that allows you to view all of your bank details on a single website);
    • you have not sent us incorrect payment instructions;
    • you have used reasonable care when using internet banking (e.g. logging off at the end of each internet banking session and not leaving your computer unattended while logged on to the internet banking service);
    • you inform us as soon as possible of any security breach, or potential breach, of which you are aware;
    • you have not acted fraudulently;
    • you have taken the precautions described in these Terms and Conditions and complied with all other reasonable instructions we may give from time to time regarding security details.
    21.9.6 Our promise to compensate you in the circumstances described above only extends to a refund of the amount taken from your Account and does not extend to any additional loss you may suffer in consequence of any unauthorised access to your Account.
    21.10 Client browser
    21.10.1 Your client browser must be Javascript enabled.
    21.10.2 Any amendments to the functionality listed above will be notified to you within your secure internet banking session, before such changes are implemented.
    21.11 Transactions
    21.11.1 Some specific conditions apply to transactions processed through internet banking:
    21.11.2 Transactions carried out in internet banking for transfer of funds within the UK or bill payment by the Cut-Off Time will be processed on the same Working Day. Instructions received after the Cut-Off Time will be processed on the next Working Day. The transfer of funds or bill payments will be made through the BACS payment system.
    21.11.3 An instruction will only be accepted by us if it has been effected through the internet service using your User ID and password. We will not further check the authenticity of an instruction.
    21.11.4 We may refuse to act on an instruction, for example if the transaction exceeds a particular value or other limit such as the transactions will create an overdraft or exceeds an agreed overdraft limit.
    21.11.5 You may terminate your internet services by sending a termination notice to us. Such termination will be effective from the date we receive your notice.
    21.11.6 Banking instructions to pay money from your Account may not be cancelled once you have authorised them and we have accepted them, unless we agree to do so at our discretion. If we do agree we may make a charge as set out in our Tariff of Charges.
    21.12 Joint Accounts
    21.12.1 User ID and password information will be sent to all Account holders separately on request, but for the purposes of the General Terms and Conditions and the requirements: (1) to provide written confirmation of your request to make a withdrawal from your Account; and (2) to provide all other instructions in relation to the operation of your Account in writing (unless we have made other specific and documented arrangements), one of you can comply with these requirements by providing us with the relevant details using your authenticated security details on our Website. However, please pay careful attention to the security notice set out above.
    21.12.2 If any of you inform us in writing of a dispute between you, we will treat this information as notice of termination of the mandate, thereby suspending internet access. Any further transactions will need the authority of all of you.
    21.13 Variation/termination
    21.13.1 We may at any time vary or terminate some or all of our internet banking services. In the case of any material variation, or termination, we will give you as much notice as we reasonably can in the circumstances. Changes will be notified to you through a notification on the Website.
    21.13.2 For any help, please call our Internet Banking Helpline on 0800 532 532 or write to us at the following address:

    Customer Care Team
    Application Administrator (Internet Banking)
    State Bank of India
    15 King Street
    EC2V 8EA
  22. Confidentiality
    22.1 We will treat all your personal information as private and confidential (even when you are no longer a customer). Information we hold about you will not be disclosed to anyone (including other companies in our group) unless:
    • we are legally required to disclose;
    • we have a public duty to disclose;
    • our interests mean we must give the information (for example, to prevent fraud). However, we will not use this as a reason for giving information about you or your Account (including your name and address) to anyone else, including other companies in our group for marketing purposes without your consent;
    • the disclosure is made with your consent;
    • this is as set out in section 23 below;
    • this is as set out in our Privacy Policy.
  23. Data protection
    23.1 State Bank of India is a data controller registered with the Information Commissioner under number Z552946X.
    23.2 In order to provide you with bank Accounts and other products and services we need to collect, use, share and store personal information about you and your transactions ("Your Information"). This section explains how we will use Your Information.
    23.3 What Your Information includes
    23.3.1 Your Information includes information which we:
    • obtain from you or third parties, such as employers, joint Account holders, credit reference agencies, fraud prevention agencies or other organisations when you apply for an Account with us or for any of our other products or services, or which you or they give to us at any other time; or
    • learn from the way in which your Accounts with us are administered and managed, from the transactions made such as the date, amount, currency and the name and type of supplier (for example, supermarket services, medical services, transactions in assets, retail services) and from the payments which are made to and from your Accounts with us.
    23.3.2 Where you provide personal and financial information about others (such as dependents, other family members and a joint Account holder) you confirm that you have their consent or are otherwise entitled to provide this information to us and for it to be used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
    23.4 How We Use Your Information
    23.4.1 We and other companies in the State Bank of India group of companies will use Your Information to manage your Accounts, give you statements and provide our services and products, for assessment and analysis (including credit and/or behaviour scoring, market and product analysis), to prevent and detect fraud, money laundering and other crime, to carry out regulatory checks, to meet our obligations to any relevant regulatory authority, to develop and improve our services to you and other customers and to protect our interests.
    23.5 Use of Your Information for Marketing Purposes
    23.5.1 With your permission we and other members of the State Bank of India group of companies may use Your Information to inform you by letter, telephone, text messages, digital television, email and other electronic methods about products and services (including those of others) which may be of interest to you. If you do not want us to contact you about such products and services please let us know by writing to us at State Bank of India 15 King Street London EC2V 8EA/emailing us at
    23.6 Third parties with whom we may share Your Information
    23.6.1 We may share Your Information with the following third parties, wherever located:
    • other companies within the State Bank of India group of companies (which means our subsidiaries, our ultimate holding company and its subsidiaries);
    • our partners and companies and organisations that provide services to us or assist us or act as our agents including but not limited to sub-contractors and professional advisors;
    • anyone to whom we may transfer our rights and/or obligations under any agreement we have with you;
    • any third party as a result of any restructure, sale or acquisition of any company within the State Bank of India group of companies;
    • your advisers (including but not limited to accountants, lawyers or other professional advisors) where authorised by you;
    • credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies; and/or
    • where we have a duty to do so, or if law or regulation allows us to do so.
    23.6.2 Save as set out above we will not disclose Your Information to anyone unless the disclosure is made with your consent.
    23.7 Transfer of Your Information Overseas
    23.7.1 We may transfer Your Information to another company in the State Bank of India group of companies or to a service provider or agent in another country (including countries outside the EEA) for the purposes stated in condition 23.4 above. We will make sure that the group company, service provider or agent agrees to apply the same levels of protection as we are required to apply to Your Information and to use Your Information in accordance with our instructions.
    23.8 Credit Reference Agencies and Fraud Prevent Agencies
    23.8.1 We may give Your Information to and receive information from credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies. We and other organisations may access and use this information to prevent and detect fraud, money laundering and other crimes, to make credit assessments and decisions about credit related services to enable us to manage and take decisions about your Accounts, insurance policies and insurance claims and to recover debt.
    23.8.2 Information held about you by the credit reference agencies may already be linked to records relating to your partner or members of your household where a financial "association" has been created. Any enquiry we make at a credit reference agency may be assessed with reference to any associated records. Another person's record will be associated with yours when:
    • you make a joint application;
    • you advise us of a financial association with another person; or
    • if the credit reference agencies have existing linked or "associate" records.
    23.8.3 This "association" will be taken into account in all future applications by either or both of you and shall continue until one of you applies to the credit reference agencies and is successful in filing a "disassociation".
    23.8.4 Credit reference agencies keep a record of our enquiries and may record, use and give out information we give them to other financial institutions, insurers and other organisations. If false or inaccurate information is provided or fraud is suspected details may be passed to fraud prevention and credit reference agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information. The information recorded by fraud prevention agencies may be accessed and used by organisations in a number of countries including the UK. We can provide the names and addresses of the credit reference and fraud prevention agencies we use if you would like a copy of Your Information held by them. Please contact us at 15 King Street London EC2V 8EA if you want to receive details.
    23.9 Right to receive a copy of Your Information
    23.9.1 You can ask for a copy of your information by writing to us at 15 King Street, London, EC2V 8EA. We may charge an administration fee to meet our costs in providing you with details of your information.
    23.10 Where to find further information
    23.10.1 Please visit our Website to see our Privacy Policy which provides further information about how we use Your Information.
  24. General
    24.1 For all Accounts held in England, these Terms and Conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of it or its subject matter or formation and any non contractual obligations arising out of it is governed by the laws of England and Wales, as are all our dealings with you until such time as your Account is opened. You and we submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or its subject matter or formation. The language we will use in our communications will be English.
    24.2 Please tell us straight away if you change your name, address, or contact details. If we do not hold correct information we may suspend your Account to protect us both.
    24.3 You agree that we may request additional information from you or to check from time to time that the existing information we have about you is up to date, in order to meet our legal and regulatory responsibilities.
    24.4 To ensure that we carry out your instructions accurately and for compliance and training purposes, we may monitor and/or record your telephone calls with us. Any recordings remain our sole property.
  25. Miscellaneous
    25.1 We may change our Banking Hours, availability of banking Branches by display of notice in our Branches or in the press or by post or by posting on our Website.
    25.2 We may block your Account to protect you and us if we suspect fraud or other suspicious transactions. In such cases, we may be required to carry out the process of establishing your identity again. Once we have sufficient proof, we will reactivate your Account.
  26. Resolving your complaint
    26.1 If we do not deliver the standard of service you expect, or if you think we have made a mistake, please let us know, so that we have the chance to put it right in a timely manner. We have a complaints procedure that we follow, a copy of which can be requested at any time by emailing us or contacting us and is also available on our Website. You can call us on 0800 532 532 or email us at or write to us at:

    Complaints Manager
    State Bank of India
    15 King Street
    EC2V 8EA
    26.2 We will then arrange for the right person to investigate your concerns. Please when writing to us provide as much information as you can in order to assist our investigations.
    26.3 In the unlikely event that you remain dissatisfied with our response or we have not sent you a final response within 8 weeks of the original complaint, you can apply to take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).
    26.4 If you would like FOS to look into your complaint you must contact them within 6 months of the date of any final response issued by us. You can find out more about the role of FOS by contacting us and requesting a copy of our FOS leaflet, or you can write to FOS at:

    The Financial Ombudsman Service
    South Quay Plaza
    183 Marsh Wall
    E14 9SR
    Telephone numbers: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123
  27. Regulatory Information
    27.1 State bank of India is authorised by Reserve bank of India. In the UK, State Bank of India is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. SBI is entered on the Financial Services Register and its Register number is 139156. As explained in our website in the "Customer Care" section, State Bank of India, (the UK Operations) is registered in England and Wales (Registered Number FC 004460Branch No: BR000696), as an Overseas Company with Registered Office: 15-17, King Street, London EC2V 8EA.
    27.2 We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS can pay compensation to depositors if we are unable to meet our financial obligations. Most depositors – including most individuals and small businesses – are covered by the scheme.
    27.3 In respect of deposits, an eligible depositor is entitled to claim up to £85,000. For joint Accounts each Account holder is treated as having a claim in respect of their share so, for a joint Account held by two eligible depositors, the maximum amount that could be claimed would be £85,000 each (making a total of £170,000). The £85,000 limit relates to the combined amount in all the eligible depositor's Accounts with us, including their share of any joint Account, and not to each separate Account.
    27.4 For further information about the scheme (including the amounts covered and eligibility to claim) please ask us or, refer to the FSCS website or call 0800 678 1100 or 0207 741 4100.

Part 2: Specific Account Terms and Conditions

Debit Card Terms and Conditions

These are our terms and conditions for use of the card with your current Account. Please read them carefully and keep them in a safe place.
  1. Introduction
    1.1 Your agreement with us is contained in:
    • these card conditions;
    • the application form for the card/Account application signed by you; and
    • Our General Terms and Conditions and any other Terms and Conditions which apply to your Account.
  2. Issuing a card
    2.1 We will only send you a card if you ask for one or to replace a card you already have. We issue the following types of card:
    • MasterCard and unembossed Debit Card.
    2.2 For security purposes we will ask you to contact us upon receipt of any new or replacement card you receive from us before you can use it.
    2.3 We will issue you with a Personal Identification Number (PIN). We will send your PIN number separately from your card for security purposes. We will not reveal your PIN to anyone but you. You can use your PIN with your card for withdrawing money and using other services available from self-service machines. You will also need your PIN to be sure that you can pay for goods and services at the premises of a retailer or other supplier with a chip and PIN card.
    2.4 You must sign your card as soon as you receive it and follow any reasonable instructions that we give about using cards and keeping them safe.
    2.5 You can change your PIN. We tell you how to change your PIN when we issue your PIN.
    2.6 You must not use your card after the end of the month it expires or after we have asked you to return it to us or told you that its use is suspended.
    2.7 You authorise us to deduct from your Account the amount of any transaction carried out using your card with or without use of your PIN or using your debit card details, whether or not you have given or authorised such instructions. You will only be responsible for transactions which have not been made or authorised by you as set out in section 10 below.
    2.8 You have the right to cancel your use of the card at any time by sending us written notice in accordance with section 15 of our General Terms and Conditions. You must also return the card cut into 4 pieces, making sure you cut through the magnetic strip.
  3. Making payments using your card
    3.1 Mastercard can be used to pay for goods and services where you see the appropriate Mastercard logo in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man or the Mastercard logo abroad. A "cash back" service may also sometimes be available.
    3.2 You may use your debit card to make payment for goods and services through a variety of channels such as the internet, telephone, television and mail order. You must not disclose your PIN when using any of these channels. We strongly recommend the use of "secure payment" sites and software when sending your card details over the internet. When using your card to make payment over the telephone or by mail order you may be asked for additional identification.
    3.3 Your card will be enabled for the Mastercard Secure Code by default. This code is used to confirm your transactions over the internet by the organisations that participate in Mastercard Secure Code (to prevent fraud). To get your code, you will have to visit our website ( and give your card number and mobile number. Details of the procedure are provided in sections 14.4 and 14.5 below.
    3.4 We will not be responsible if a retailer or other supplier refuses to accept your card or if you cannot use your card to make a payment.
    3.5 You can only use the card or the card number for transactions if you have enough money in your Account.
    3.6 We will normally deduct from your Account the amount of any payment made in the UK either on the same day or on the first Working Day following the transaction.
  4. Self-service machines
    4.1 You may use your card in ATM self-service machines in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, which display the Mastercard logo.
    4.2 We may allow you to use your card in self-service machines in the UK and abroad operated by other financial institutions if such machines display the Mastercard logo. We will advise you if you are able to use your card in these machines when we send you your card and about any limitations which apply. Please tell us if you are going abroad before you go. If you do not we may not authorise your transactions using your card whilst you are abroad.
    4.3 Cash withdrawals in the UK will normally be deducted from your Account on the same day.
    4.4 If financial institutions charge for your use of their self-service machines, such charges will be payable by you.
    4.5 For cash withdrawals at self-service machines outside the UK we will convert the amount of any cash withdrawal made in a currency other than Sterling into Sterling at our applicable exchange rate on the day we receive details of the withdrawal. See Tariff of Charges for charges that will apply. We will normally deduct the amount of such withdrawals and any charges from your Account within 5 Working Days.
    4.6 We will be responsible for any money lost if there is a fault on one of our self-service machines and we have not notified you by a message on the screen or a notice on the machine. If we have notified you we will not be responsible for any loss if our self-service machines are not in operation. We may change the availability of our machines at any time without notice.
    4.7 We will not be responsible if you cannot use your card in a machine operated by another financial institution, as this is outside our control.
    4.8 You can only use the card or the card number for cash withdrawals if you have enough money in your Account.
    4.9 We will tell you what the daily cash withdrawal limit is when we send you your card and we may change the limit from time to time by giving you at least 60 calendar days notice . You may use your card to obtain cash from any cash machine which we advise will accept your card only up to the daily limit on your Account.
  5. Payments and your Account
    5.1 All transactions, cash withdrawals and transfers will be shown on your Account statement.
    5.2 You cannot stop a debit card payment but a retailer or supplier may make a refund. We will credit your Account when we receive their instructions but will not be responsible for any delay in receiving their instructions.
    5.3 We may refuse to authorise a payment if we consider that your card or Account has been or is likely to be misused or for fraud prevention purposes. We may refer an authorisation request back to the retailer for more information if we consider this necessary to help us to prevent card misuse. This may result in you being asked to produce additional identification. This may also be done on a random basis for fraud prevention purposes.
  6. Charges
    6.1 We may charge for use by you of the card at the rate set out in our Tariff of Charges. Please also see section 11 below about how we may change our charges which apply. You authorise us to deduct all such charges from your Account.
  7. Security
    7.1 You must do all that you can to keep the card safe and your PIN secret at all times. You must keep the card separate from any cheques.
    7.2 You must never allow anyone else to use your card, PIN or other security information.
    7.3 You must never write down or record your PIN or other security information.
    7.4 You must only reveal the card number to make a transaction, to report loss or theft of the card or if we allow you to do so.
    7.5 We will never contact you to ask you for your security information such as your PIN, passwords or the 3 digit number on the reverse of your card. You should not reveal your security information to anyone else.
  8. What you must tell us
    8.1 You must tell us as soon as reasonably possible if:
    • the card is lost or stolen or you think that the card may be misused or that someone may know the PIN;
    • your statement includes an item which you think is wrong; or
    • you change your name or address.
    8.2 We have a 24 x 7 Helpline only for blocking cards. You may contact us on 0808 1017633 (toll free within the UK) or 00442074544404 (if contacting from outside the UK) if you think that the card has been stolen or you think the card may be missing or that someone may know the PIN.
    8.3 For all other matters you can contact us at any of our Branches in the UK during Banking Hours or you may phone us on 0800 532 532 during Banking Hours. We may ask you to confirm in writing within 7 days any information which you have not already given us in writing.
    8.4 You must give us all the information you have about the loss, theft or misuse of a card or the PIN and any other information we ask for to help us. We may give the police, national authorities, or government fraud prevention agencies any information we think will be useful. If you find cards which you have reported as lost, stolen or at risk of misuse you must not use them. You must cut them into four pieces, making sure you cut through the magnetic strip and return them to us immediately.
  9. Suspending and withdrawing your use of the card
    9.1 We may ask you to return your card to us or we may suspend its use at any time. We will normally give you at least 60 days' prior notice unless we have a reason for not doing so, such as we consider that your card or Account has been or is likely to be misused or if the card has not been used by you for a considerable amount of time. We may deduct from your Account the amount of any card transaction (and any charges) made by you but not paid by us until after return or suspension.
    9.2 We may also suspend, withdraw or restrict the use of your card for any of the following reasons:
    • you have broken any important term of this agreement; or
    • if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you may have difficulty in meeting your financial commitments.
    9.3 We will send you notice before we take this action or as soon as possible afterwards in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions.
  10. Responsibility for unauthorised transactions
    10.1 We will be responsible for any money lost due to unauthorised transactions unless you are responsible under section 10.2 below. We will add back to your Account any amount deducted including any related interest (if applicable) and charges. We will have no other liability to you.
    10.2 You will be responsible for all losses if you act fraudulently. If you act without reasonable care, which includes not complying with clauses 7 and 8 above, and this causes losses, you will be responsible for them. You will not be responsible for any loss if someone else uses your debit card before you receive it. You will be responsible for losses up to £50 if someone else uses your card before you notify us that it has been lost or stolen or if someone else knows your PIN.
  11. Changing the terms of this agreement
    11.1 We may change the terms of this agreement including our charges and other changes needed if we add extra functions to the card at any time. We will tell you about any changes and when they come into effect by advertising in the press or putting messages in your statements or sending you a separate written notice as set out in our General Terms and Conditions or notifying you on our website
    11.2 Any change to the terms of this agreement which is made to reflect a change of applicable law or regulation will take effect immediately or otherwise as we may tell you. We will give you at least two months' notice of any other changes. If you wish you may stop using the card and there will be no extra charge payable.
    11.3 We may introduce new charges for use of the card or change our existing charges. When you use the card our latest charges will apply. You should make sure that you have checked the latest charges, details of which are available on our website We will always tell you at least two months in advance before introducing any changes to our charges and we will tell you of these changes as set out in section 11.1 above.
  12. Ending your use of the Card
    12.1 If your Account is closed you will not be able to use your card.
    12.2 You will not be able to use your card if we suspend or end its use under section 9 above.
    12.3 We can end your use of the card at any time by giving you at least two months' written notice in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions.
    12.4 You can end your use of the card at any time by telling us in writing and returning your card to us immediately (cut into at least 4 pieces, making sure you cut through the magnetic strip).
  13. Disabled customers
    13.1 We offer card services to disabled customers who are unable to use a PIN due to a disability or medical condition. For more information call us on 0800 532 532. Lines are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Working Day. Cards can be used at POS terminals of selected merchants who accept payments against MasterCard Debit Cards without the need for a PIN. You may be required by the merchant to sign a receipt. You must also allow the merchant to verify the signature on the receipt against the signature on the back of your card.
  14. MasterCard Secure Code Terms and Conditions
    14.1 These Specific Terms and Conditions supplement and are in addition to the Terms and Conditions prescribed for our Debit Cards, issued in association with MasterCard.
    14.2 In addition to the defined terms explained in clause 1 of the General Terms and Conditions a number of words and phrases are printed in bold type because they have the special meaning explained here:
    • Card means our Debit Card issued in association with MasterCard.
    • Cardholder means any person holding a valid Debit Card issued by us and who desires to make payments to the Merchant over the internet using the Debit Card.
    • ID means the user identification provided to the Cardholder by us to enable Cardholder to make payments through the internet using the Card.
    • Merchant means any person who owns or manages or operates the Merchant Establishment through a physical establishment and/or a website.
    • Password means the passwords, digital signatures or other means of authentication as we may specify from time to time which the Cardholder uses to make payments through the internet using the Card.
    • Registration Data means the information we ask in order to confirm the identity of the Cardholder before proceeding for MasterCard Secure Code password creation.
    • Service means the MasterCard Secure Code (3D Secure) being offered by us enabling the Cardholder to make payments through the internet using the Card.
    14.3 These terms form the contract between the Cardholder and us for the Service. The Cardholder shall apply to us online for use of the Service. We are entitled at our sole discretion to accept or reject such applications.
    14.4 The Cardholder shall register for the Service by giving their card number and mobile number in the SBI's web site ( . The Cardholder will be given an authentication code by SMS or any other communication means decided by us from time to time based on the registration date (like Name, Mobile Number etc) to set their own secured password.
    14.5 In order to use MasterCard Secure Code, the Cardholder must provide certain information to us including the Mobile Number that allows us to validate the Cardholder's identity and verify that the Cardholder is the owner of or an authorised user of the specified Card. The information that the Cardholder provides may be validated against information we already hold associated with the Cardholder and their Card. Once we validate the Cardholder's identity as part of the MasterCard Secure Code registration process, the Cardholder is permitted to create a Password.
    14.6 We shall validate the Card details provided by the Cardholder during the course of a transaction directly and the Merchant will not be privy to the same.
    14.7 This Service is available to the Cardholder upon registration. We may add, revise, suspend in whole or in part any of the services provided by the Service, without notice. By using the Service, the Cardholder has accepted these Terms and Conditions.
    14.8 The Cardholder is hereby made aware that in case of payment over the internet using their Card, the Cardholder will not sign the charge-slips at the time of making the payment. Accordingly, the Cardholder accepts that, in the event of any dispute regarding the authenticity or validity of such a payment, the Cardholder's Account shall be liable to be debited with the amount payable. Please refer to paragraphs 10.1 and 10.2 of State Bank of India, Debit Card Terms and Conditions (Part 2 of the Terms and Conditions) detailing the responsibilities for unauthorised transactions.
    14.9 If the Cardholder does not successfully register for MasterCard Secure Code or if the Cardholder chooses not to register for MasterCard Secure Code, we and/or the Merchant may not accept the Card to pay for an e-commerce or other transaction subject to MasterCard Secure Code.
    14.10 Any payment made on the internet using the Cardholder's Password shall be considered to be an order received from the Cardholder. The Cardholder's Password issued to him/her, allows the Cardholder to make payments through the internet and that Cardholder is the sole and exclusive owner of the Cardholder's Password and accepts sole responsibility for use, confidentiality and protection of the Password, as well as for all payments made using such Password subject to sections 10.1 and 10.2 of State Bank of India, Debit Card Terms and Conditions (Part 2 of the Terms & Conditions).

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