Online Remittance Savings Account

Transfer your money to India for free, day or night, at a confirmed exchange rate.

  • Deposits protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • Account managed online only
  • No minimum balance requirement. Interest paid on balances above £500 and below £1,000,000

GBP/INR exchange-rate alert

You can now set up a GBP/INR exchange rate update via email.

Set an alert and register


Moving your money is easy and secure with India's most extensive bank network.

  • Attractive exchange rates
  • Very low charges
  • India’s largest bank network
  • Access your money from 40,000 cash machines


We’ll help you make your cash payment conveniently.

  • We’ll make your payment on the same day if we receive funds before 3.30pm.
  • Give us your cheque before 11am BST and we’ll account for it on the same day.

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