Moving your money is easy and secure with India's most extensive bank network.

  • Attractive exchange rates
  • Very low charges
  • India’s largest bank network
  • Access your money from 40,000 cash machines


We’ll help you make your cash payment conveniently.

  • We’ll make your payment on the same day if we receive funds before 3.30pm.
  • Give us your cheque before 11am BST and we’ll account for it on the same day.

Online Remittance Savings Account

Transfer your money to India for free, day or night, at a confirmed exchange rate.

  • Deposits protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • Account managed online only
  • No minimum balance requirement. Interest paid on balances above £500 and below £1,000,000

GBP/INR exchange-rate alert

You can now set up a GBP/INR exchange rate update via email.

Set an alert and register

Free money transfer to India

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