Account Opening Procedure

Procedure for opening the account

You need to fill up the account opening form and complete the documentation. We shall forward these documents to the Branch in India where you want to open the account. The said Branch, after opening the account, will provide you the details of your account, arrange to send the documents to your address in the UK or in India as per your choice given in the application. The whole procedure usually takes 6 weeks time. You may contact us for any assistance in this regard. The cheque submitted along with application will take 5 full working days to realise and fixed deposits will be value dated from the 5th working day of receipt of your cheque.

Documents Required

You can submit the application by visiting any of our branches along with the following documents.
  1. Two recent passport size photographs of each of the applicant(s) (duly signed by the Applicant(s) on the face of each of the photographs)
  2. Passport, VISA and address page of each of the applicant
  3. Proof of address in UK of the applicant(s) – Bank Statement, Utility Bill and council tax bill
  4. The cheque for the amount (including our charges) made payable to ‘SBI A/c (first applicants name)’
  5. PAN Card (Permanent Account Number) for opening NRO Accounts
  6. Proof of Indian origin in case of other than Indian passport holders. Any one of following
    • OCI / PIO Card (if any)
    • Detailed Birth Certificate (mentioning Parents/Self as Indian citizen)
    • Marriage Certificate (if spouse of a PIO)
    • Old cancelled Indian passport / Surrender certificate / other record of Indian passport held (if any) or
    • Parents Indian Passport/PIO card/OCI card and your birth certificate
  7. Indian Address proof (only if you correspondence address of choice is India)
If you cannot visit the branches you may send the completed application to any of our branches in India after your signature is duly verified in the application form1 and the copy of the documents is duly attested by your Banker or by Indian High Commission.

1 Item on page in the application.

Account Opening Forms

Download account opening forms to open NRE/NRO/FCNR (NRI Accounts) account with SBI branches in India